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About Me

A few years has passed since I first became a Massage Therapist. Although I continue to work in an effort to helping people with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) like me, my career has taken me to a whole different path from what I initially had in mind. I discovered that my intuition and awareness through my touch really helped me to serve as a conduit to help others.


Welcome to my Website!

"Doing therapeutic massage and body work is more than just my job. Each massage provides me with the great joy of bringing relief through the art of healing. I use not only my techniques but work mostly intuitively, and let my hands move to where the body is in need of treatment. You receive a total body, mind and soul experience, providing general relaxation of the muscles and nerves.  After receiving my massage, the patient will have their energy restored and their spirit renewed" Edna Evans

You can simply call me at (571) 481-0093 and please leave a message in case I am in a session and can't pick up the phone.  Thanks for visiting, and have a great day.